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Asher Energy Inc. started early 2006 primarily as an Oil and Gas Petroleum Engineering consulting firm initially providing Production Technology/Engineering and Reservoir Engineering solutions from the wellhead through the plant gate to the sales line.  In 2008, the company strengthened its board through the inclusion of highly skilled and tested technical directors, strategically located in several parts of the world, including Canada, Norway, USA, UK, Angola and Nigeria.  Asher Energy Inc and her affiliate offices worldwide, strives to seek, serve and satisfy customer's needs with value added products and services.  True to her Corporate Mission statement, Asher Energy Inc. will continue to attract and retain the best people and cultivate an environment throughout our organization of frankness and trust which empowers everyone to contribute to the limits of their true potential.
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Asher Energy Inc. is a privately held corporation founded by a group of Nigerian oil and gas professionals in Calgary, Alberta, Luanda, Angola, UK, USA and in Oslo, Norway with the primary focus of pushing the frontiers of engineering and science and practical application of these new frontiers to solve problems with tactical and strategic implications.  Asher Energy Inc. responds to the shortfall in skills and expertise in the local oil and gas exploration and production industry through the synergy of team members and deployment of technical expertise. Asher Energy Inc. has the capacity to boost the Nigeria’s human and techno-economic advancement, and is committed to the realization of the current Federal Government’s local content vision 2020.   Through Asher Energy Inc, international and global markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America are served.

Asher Petroleum Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Asher Energy Inc was incorporated under the laws of Nigeria, initially to provide a local vehicle for the realization of its business objectives of oil and gas resources management in Nigeria.

The company's mission is to be a first company of choice in local and global exploitation of oil and gas (conventional and unconventional), provision of core technical services (onshore / offshore drilling and well engineering performance improvement expertise, oil and gas production engineering, Process / Surface facilities design and construction engineering, reservoir engineering, manpower provision, asset evaluation, oilfield development and project management; Environmental Impact Assessment, agency representation, JV and Government interface management). 

Our marketing orientation hinges on customer satisfaction and best in class service.  This differentiates Asher Energy Inc from the competition.  It is our continuous improvement philosophy that stops at nothing until each client is delighted with our services that has endeared us to many.  Asher Energy Inc. employs some of the finest people in the industry who have both earned excellence and attained several years of proven engineering experience in several high profile projects. By maintaining such a formidable team, Asher Energy Inc is able to deliver superior returns to our shareholders.


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Asher Energy Inc
Rua Rainha Ginga,
87 10th Floor, De Beers building
Luanda, Angola
phone: +1(403)971-8458

Asher Energy Inc
501 Discovery Ridge Blvd,
SW Calgary T3H 5X6
phone: +1(403)5108846

Asher Energy Inc
46 Citadel Estate Heights
NW Calgary,
T3G 5E4
phone: +1(403)8695821

Asher Energy Inc
No 5001, Thon Apartments Klubbgata 9,
Postboks 260, N4013, Stavanger,
phone: +47 95044052

Asher Energy Inc
11 Sherwood Common
NW Calgary AB T3R 1P6
phone: +1(403)560-8058

Asher Energy Inc
Riihimakiveien 49,
2013 Skjetten,
phone: +(47)40637036

Asher Energy Inc
No 2 Cheta Street,
Off Okporo Road,
Portharcourt, Rivers State,
phone: +2348027176759,
            +447747516440 (Manchester)

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