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Asher Energy Inc. started early 2006 primarily as an Oil and Gas Petroleum Engineering consulting firm initially providing Production Technology/Engineering and Reservoir Engineering solutions from the wellhead through the plant gate to the sales line.  In 2008, the company strengthened its board through the inclusion of highly skilled and tested technical directors, strategically located in several parts of the world, including Canada, Norway, USA, UK, Angola and Nigeria.  Asher Energy Inc and her affiliate offices worldwide, strives to seek, serve and satisfy customer's needs with value added products and services.  True to her Corporate Mission statement, Asher Energy Inc. will continue to attract and retain the best people and cultivate an environment throughout our organization of frankness and trust which empowers everyone to contribute to the limits of their true potential.
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Leadership Contacts

Jude Ukusare
Director, Drilling & Completions Operations
24 Panamount Lane NW
Calgary, Alberta T3K 5Y3
Phone : +1(403)971-8458

Solomon Imie
Director, Reservoir Studies
Riihimakiveien 49,
2013 Skjetten, Norway
Phone : +(47)40637036

Lawrence Itakpe
Director, Geological Studies/Reservoir Modeling
No 2 Cheta Street,Off Okporo Road
Artillary, Portharcourt, Rivers State,ssNigeria
Phone : +2348027176759, +2348038

Jaunty Aidamenbor
Director, Environmental Studies
No 5001, Thon Apartments,Klubbgata 9
Postboks 260, N4013, Stavanger, Norway.
Phone : +(47)40637036

Fabian Ogbonna
Director, Surface Facilities
11 Sherwood Common NW
Calgary AB T3R 1P6
Phone : +1(403)560-8058


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